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Campus Cutie Jake Froschauer: #17 on the field, #1 in our hearts

Meet Jake Froschauer, one of Colgate football's quarterbacks and this week's campus cutie! 

This week we sat down with Jake at 94 Broad (which by the way is a hidden gem in the housing system). Besides being easy on the eyes, we would describe Jake as passionate, very charming and confident, yet humble. Keep reading to learn more about Colgate’s QB cutie!

Name: Jake Froschauer

Year: Sophomore but red-shirted last year

Hometown: Summit, NJ

Team: Football

Position: Quarterback

Relationship Status: Single!

Siblings: Two younger brothers: a senior and sophomore in high school

What's your favorite meal in Hamilton? “7 Oaks… Usually I get the bacon wrapped shrimp and the blackened chicken alfredo...I’m not a big dessert guy”

What do you want to do with your life? “I really don’t know…”

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world who would it be and why? “That’s a loaded question. Probably Michael Jordan...just because I feel like that’s someone I can look up to because he has such a strong work ethic”.

All time favorite tv shows? Hard Knocks, Breaking Bad, Ozark (describes it as a cross between Narcos and Dexter)

Three things you can’t live without? Family, football and good food

Three things on your bucket list?

1.     Skydive (already completed)

2.     Travel all over Europe

3.     Go see the Great Barrier Reef

Typical Sunday: “Usually Sundays are right after games so on a typical Sunday I usually get up have breakfast, do work all day...and then watch film with coaches and then go to bed”

Catch Jake in action at Andy Kerr Stadium on Saturday, 9/22 against Lafayette at 1:00 pm!

Colgate Football 2018 Schedule: https://gocolgateraiders.com/schedule.aspx?schedule=340

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