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Will Levesque

Where are you from?

Wrentham, Massachusetts.

What year are you?


What is your major?

Government with a pre-med concentration.

Where do you live on campus?


What is your favorite dining hall?

Bob’s, because it has the best food.

What is your favorite Spa food?

Pulled pork sandwich.

Why did you choose to come to Colby?

I was looking for a small liberal arts school with a good pre-med program and a good outdoor ethic. I was also drawn in by the rugby team, which has a good reputation. Plus I wanted a school in the North – I don’t like hot weather.

What is your favorite part of your time at Colby so far?

My favorite part would have to be how friendly the school is. I feel like everyone here is looking to get along and have a good time, which makes it a really fun school to go to.

What are you involved in on campus?

I’m on the Rugby team, in the Colby Outing Club and Mountaineering Club, I’m a sportswriter for the Echo, I’m involved in Colby Emergency Response, and the Colby Strippers, the diabetes club.

What was it like to take the EMT course during your first Jan Plan?

It was really fun. It’s a lot of work because you’re in class from 9am to 5pm everyday, but I really loved it because it teaches you skills that are fantastic to know and that you can hopefully keep with you for the rest of your life.

What do you like about the Colby Emergency Response (CER) program at Colby?

It’s really cool to be able to help out other people on campus. It’s a cool system that there are Colby students being able to help others rather than sending out for help all the time. It sends a good message that there are students willing to help out other students on campus, and that’s really the driving ethic for CER.

How has your Rugby team experience been so far?

I absolutely love it. It’s a fantastic team and a great bunch of guys – the women’s team is great too. It’s a really close-knit team and I think being a club team rather than a varsity sport helps. It means everyone there hasn’t been recruited and is only there because they really want to be, and want to play rugby.

What’s been your best experience with the team so far?

That would have to be beating Maine Maritime Academy at home under the lights for our last game of the season. It was a good game, everyone got to play, and we had a good time beating them… I want to say it was 56-0. Might be a couple points off there.

What’s been your best outdoor experience at Colby?

That would have to be climbing Mount Washington with five friends back in January. We didn’t make it to the summit because a storm came in, but it was a first time experience in the winter for the other five and we had a really fun trip and a great day.

What do you write about for the Echo?

Sports, either professional or at Colby.

Is there anything else you’re looking to involve yourself with on campus?

I definitely want to apply to be a COOT Leader next year. I’ve led trips in the summer for other things, and I love being outdoors, so it’s definitely something I want to pursue.

So far, what has been your favorite class and favorite professor at Colby?

My favorite class so far would probably have to be Sandy Maisel’s government class, American Government in Politics. For a professor, I’m gonna give a shoutout to Anthony Galluzo in the English department. He taught a very interesting class first semester and he’s a really fun guy to talk to. He’s a bro.

What are your aspirations for your future?

After Colby I’m hoping to eventually go to military medical school and join the Navy as a doctor. I want to specialize in either emergency medicine or flight surgery.

Fun fact about yourself?

I’ve been bitten by a snapping turtle three times. I had a rough childhood.

Finally – if you could be anybody in the world, who would you be?

Liam Neeson. Because it’s frickin’ Liam Neeson.







Natalie Jones is a first year at Colby College from Northern Maine. She hasn't declared yet, but is leaning towards a Double Major in Psychology and English. When not in class she mentors for CCAK, watches copious amounts of television, and of course writes and edits for Her Campus Colby.
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