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A Survival Guide for One of the United States’ Most Beautiful (and Unpredictable) States

Happy Summer! Finals season is officially over and it is time to enjoy your summer vacation. For most of us college kids, we will be working to save up some money to keep ourselves afloat  next semester. I find myself in a strange position because I will actually be staying in gorgeous Maine for my summer job. While Maine offers a plethora of summer fun, it is no doubt one of those states where the weather does not always want to cooperate. Although I cannot consider myself a complete expert on the topic, I think these tips as a wannabe Mainer will help those staying in the Pine Tree State.



1. Learn to Layer!

There will be absolutely gorgeous days where the temperature will not go below 80° and there are days where there will be 24 hours of rain. No need to invest in a giant puffer jacket (leave that for the Maine winter!), but a windbreaker would be perfect for those days you want to wear a cute top but don’t want to be soaked to the bone. Whether you are running out to Hannaford’s or hiking Acadia National Park, a windbreaker is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.


2.  Get yourself some bug spray!

While Maine is home to some amazing wildlife, it is also home to some of the world’s peskiest insects. Gnats and flies will be swarming your head as soon as you leave civilization into the lush Maine woods. Business Insider named OFF!™ Deep Woods Bug Spray as its first choice bug spray for 2019. For those deep woods hikes, it is definitely worth grabbing a bottle of OFF! from your local Walmart.  


3. Slather yourself in sunscreen!

Whether or not your skin burns, sunscreen is so important to have on hand while in Maine. While the sun may not peak its pretty head out between the months of October and March, the UV Index skyrockets during the summer months. Doctors swear on sunscreen again and again for its protective properties against intense UV radiation. Good Housekeeping calls Kiehl’s ‘Activated Sun Protector’™ Water-Light Lotion for Face & Body Sunscreen Broad Spectrum lab specialists number 1 choice for protection against the sun.

    4. Invest in some sturdy, efficient shoes!

While summer is definitely the time to bring out the flip flops and sandals, Maine’s weather tends to change at the drop of a hat. I have learned from personal experience that your cute new sandals may not withstand the tumultuous New England weather.  Longwear shoes are your best friend because, they will definitely be taking a fair amount of grit from the Maine climate. Merrell™ offers a variety of sturdy hiking shoes that can be used both on and off the trails.

5. Have a sense of adventure!

Trying new things can be extremely scary, but Maine is one of the best places to try new activities. Baxter State Park and Mount Desert Island are both stunning destinations that feature basic, intermediate, and expert hiking trails. If you are not a high climbing person, you can walk along the shores and grab an ice cream cone with some friends. Maine is a rugged state but it also (in my humble opinion) is one of the most aesthetic places in the entire world.


Above all, have fun and enjoy what I consider my second home!


Jordan is a freshman at Colby College where she is an anticipated physics major on a pre-medicine track. Originally from Long Island, NY, she is a avid beach lover and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. On campus, she is a member of the Women's Rugby team, Women in Physics, Colby Achievement Program in the Science (CAPS) member, and a student researcher. In her spare time, you can find her pulling an all-nighter in Mudd or frolicking around Miller Lawn.
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