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Spoon University at Colby

As Colby students, we have approximately three things constantly running through our minds:

1. The endless internal debate about buff chick or barbecue.

2. If we only eat fries for lunch, but they were from Foss, do the calories still count?

3. What time can we eat my first dinner so that we save enough room for second dinner?

Unsurprisingly, all of these thoughts revolve around food. Luckily, Spoon University is coming to the rescue. For those of you who don’t know, Spoon University is a college student’s guide to food survival. Think of it kind of as Buzzfeed, but exclusively for food… I mean, besides Beyoncé, what else do you really need in life?

They post articles from “How to Host Friendsgiving” to “What to Order at Chipotle to Avoid the Food Baby.” Aside from articles, there are quick videos (think Vine) that show innovative ways to make french toast using a microwave and mug in about 45 seconds. The most exciting part about SpoonU is its various Instagram accounts. Stalking #spoonfeed is seriously addicting. 

Spoon University has different chapters at different schools, and some dedicated foodies at Colby are trying to bring SpoonU to Colby! All you have to do is stop by the Spa within the next few days and sign the petition to bring Spoon here!! 

To pique your interest a little more check out: @spoon_duke, @spoon_washu, spoon university.com, #spoonfeed

Get eating and signing, Colby!

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