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SHOC’s Stressbusters

Last week, Student Health on Campus (SHOC) held a great “Stressbusters” event in Page.

Lots of stations were set up throughout the afternoon to allow students to try and focus on something other than finals. While the event is over and finals week is here, there are lots of easy ways to recreate parts of Stressbusters by yourself or with your friends to give yourself a much needed break from writing and reviewing:

Dogs: The Waterville Humane society has been welcoming Colby student volunteers all semester. If you need some furry friends for even just 30 minutes, they are located only five minutes from campus. More info: http://hswa.org/

Coloring: Lots of my friends loved being able to pretend they were in kindergarten again by coloring while they waited for smoothies or massages. Especially in Christmas season, Walmart has an impressive variety of coloring books and materials. If you want a slightly more adult alternative, trying out different types of nail polish or fun designs is also a great creative break.

Cookie Decorating: For about five dollars, you can by cookie dough, icing, and a delicious study break. You can also use the completed cookies as study motivation (1 chapter of review, 1 page of a paper, etc. =1 cookie).

Yoga: The internet isn’t just a great resources for study guides or social media procrastination. Yoga and other relaxation tutorials are on Youtube and other websites at levels for everyone from beginners to experts.

There’s only one week left! Good luck, stay calm, and have a great break!

Photo courtesy of SHOC

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