Scott Lehman '16

What year are you? 2016

Where are you from? 1200 seconds outside Boston

Where do you live on campus? Schupf 100

What's your major? Economics and pretengineering

What are you involved with on campus?I am involved in a few things on campus... I am a COOT leader (with some great babies), the dorm president of AMS, I play on the golf team and the Boozehounds, I am an iBike mechanic, I am an eco-rep, and I am on the Security Committee and the IT Committee. I also created and maintain the yourColby app.

Tell me a bit about the yourColby app. How long did it take to create? What inspired the idea? How has it been received?The first version of the yourColby app took me about two weeks to create, I finished it up while we (Gillian and I) were tearing it up in Verona for our sophomore Jan plan. However, I can’t say how long I have spent on it since then, tweaking it and adding things. The idea came to me after a Boozehounds game, as I was walking back to Piper with my roommate, Aaron Liu. I was enjoying an M&M McFlurry and medium fries, the postgame meal of any respectable hound. I don’t exactly remember what inspired the idea, but it definitely could have been the McFlurry.It has been received quite well. Since it launched our sophomore winter, it has been downloaded more than 2,100 times, and there are about 1,300 monthly users. I think people find it useful.

Any updates we can expect on the app in the near future?I have been in talks with some people in the Administration about making it easy to report dorm damage and sexual assault from your phone, as the current processes are complicated and rarely used, especially dorm damage reporting. I would also like to make it easier to follow sports teams, add more restaurants to the restaurants page, and add the Colby Radio station. Maybe also add support for ice cream flavors.

I've heard you have a bit of competition with the Ice Cream Flavors app? You nervous?A standup comedian was on campus tonight, and he summed up my feelings about the Ice Cream Flavors app fairly well, reading the Echo article out loud to the crowd. I think it’s great that there are more people building apps on campus, but I think a merger might be better in the end.

What's your advice for fellow entrepreneurs at Colby?My advice would be if you have an idea, make it happen. There are always reasons you can’t do something, but thats probably why no one else has done it.