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Growing up in Maine I’ve loved winter for as long as I can remember. Skiing, the snow, freezing air prompting rosy cheeks, hot cocoa, and those bluebird days where the world just seems to sparkle. However, if there’s one thing that takes a beating in the winter, it is your skin. Hands are cracked, every limb feels ashy, your face is breaking out when it’s too dry, and when you try to combat it with extra moisturizer, the oil causes more spots to pop up. When you feel scaly and the winter sun is setting just a little too early, it is easy to fall into a funk. With shorter days and especially limited interactions due to Covid-19 on top of the cold outdoors, confidence and happiness are priorities which can be salvaged through a bit of self-care and maintenance. That’s why I put together a list of my favorite skin care products that will save you this winter.

Coconut Oil !!

Put this saving grace anywhere and everywhere you can (including in your hair). Studies have shown that coconut oil improves the moisture content of the skin, and can even help to battle skin conditions like Eczema. Coconut oil also provides antioxidants to your skin, is fast absorbing, and can help fortify your skin’s natural moisture barrier. I like to lather this on my cheeks before running in the cold to act as a moisture buffer against the harsh wind. Make sure to get the unrefined type. My personal favorite brand is Vita Coco.

Advanced Repair Hand Cream

Eucerin Advanced Repair hand cream. I have spent so long searching for a hand cream that actually works long term, providing an immediate solution to my cracked hands, and this is it. It is a super thick cream that comes in a small bottle, and oh my does it work wonders. Slather it all over your hands morning and night and it will leave you feeling like you just got a manicure.

CeraVe Face Lotion

The CeraVe daily moisturizing lotion for normal to dry skin is the best moisturizer I have used on my face. Struggling with breakouts throughout high school, it was hard to find the right moisturizer that wouldn’t make me oily but would keep my skin from being so rough and dry. This is the best layer you can put on your face morning and night, and then I like to layer some coconut oil on top before I go to bed, usually on my cheeks or anywhere that normally is more dry, avoiding my T-zone.

Skin Buttr

The best natural scrub to slough off that dry skin with coconut oil in it, these folks sell some super yummy looking body butters as well, which I have yet to try but would be the perfect thing to slather on after scrubbing yourself down.

Blistex Lip Medex

This is the best lip balm there is, and no you cannot change my mind on this one. It works wonders, coming in the little blue pot with magical powers trapped inside. If you take anything from this, it’s that this will keep your lips in one piece, I promise. All Blistex is great, but I cannot say it works wonders like the Lip Medex does.

Drink Water

I know. It’s been said, it’s been done. I swear though- try to drink at least two extra cups of water a day and tell me you dont feel better. Water will make you have more energy and your skin be less cracked, and if your skin looks better and more glowy, you’re bound to feel better.

Check out these tips and products to keep yourself feeling happy and healthy as we make our way through the chilly winter.

Georgia is a current Junior at Colby and is from Maine! She's double majoring in English and Anthropology. You can probably find her in Bixler, by Johnson pond, or doing anything fun outside:)
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