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My Favorite Cold-Weather Running Gear

Anyone who enjoys running faces a dilemma when the weather gets cold, especially here in Waterville. You could make the choice to head to the treadmill where it's warm but not very exciting, or you could stick it out in the cold outdoors where you might be freezing but at least it's pretty. Personally, I like to switch between the two, especially when the days are just too cold to even think about an outdoors excursion. However, on the days that I do run outdoors, I’ve discovered that what you wear on these runs can do a lot to protect you from the weather and make running a lot more enjoyable. I am listing some of my favorite items below!


I LOVE a good vest, and I find that they tend to keep you perfectly warm without overheating when you’re exercising. My favorite vest for running is the “pack it down” vest from Lululemon, but I’ve also found some super cute options that I am currently coveting. They are linked here and here (this one has a hood!).  


I could be super warm any given time, and my hands would still be freezing! Gloves are essential on my runs, and I find that I prefer gloves that are somewhat insulated as opposed to woven. I am linking my favorite ones from Land’s End here, as well as some other options here and here


Hats are pretty impractical on a run if you’ve got long hair and need to put it up. Instead, a fleece headband/ear warmer helps to keep your head warm without the risk of it falling off! It also works to keep your hair back and in place. My favorites are linked here and here

Warm Leggings

When it gets really cold, I opt for thicker or even fleece-lined leggings on outdoor runs. I think that keeping your legs warm is really important, and I’ve found that any leggings that are lined with fleece or wool do this the best. I’m linking some pairs here and here

I hope this list helps anyone who also gets sick of the treadmill! I know that it is really so nice to be able to get outdoors and see how beautiful Maine becomes in the wintertime, but you need to bundle up to do so! 

Natalie is a junior at Colby from Capitol Hill in Washington DC, but is currently abroad in Sweden! She is a Government major and an English minor here at Colby.
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