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Michael Shepard ’17 (Shep)

Year: 2017

Dorm: AMS

Favorite dining hall: Dana

Major: English: Creative Writing Concentration

Relationship status: Refer to my Facebook and follow me on Twitter

Three things you can't live without: air, the warm feeling I get from curling up by the fire with a nice book, because I use books as firewood (I don’t read), Phil Collins in moderation. 

Favorite movie: “Annie Hall”

Favorite TV show: “The Sopranos”

Favorite song: “Us and Them” by Pink Floyd

Favorite book: Cat’s Cradle

Spirit animal: Whatever that species of Mongoose is that muffs up snakes

Most embarrassing moment?

My roommate walked in on me and a girl… I didn’t even have a chance to pause “Garfield.” He hasn’t brought it up since, but there has definitely been some tension.

What's the highlight of your Colby career so far?

Watching the sunrise from Miller steps on Doghead and realizing what a good time we can all have just enjoying one another’s company.

What makes you different than the average Colby student?

Having an area code that is not from in or around Boston makes me different than about 95% of the student body.

How did your first kiss go down?

My first kiss still hasn’t gone down… I guess I’m just waiting for the right person.

What's your dream job?

My dream job would be to host “Barefoot Contessa,” but if that’s not possible I’d probably settle for elite fry cook. 

What Disney movie would you fit in perfectly and why?

I would fit into Ratatouille because I feel like Remy sometimes. Society is always telling you that you can’t do something, but sometimes you just need to saddle up and do it. I mean, if a little mouse can cook, you have no reason not to be achieving your dreams.

If you were President of Colby, which thing would you change and why?

If I were the President of Colby, I’d change our school song to “Careless Whisper.” No particular reason why.


Carli Jaff is a senior at Colby with a double major in American Studies and Education. Outside of classes and being a CC for Her Campus Colby, she is the Managing Editor of the school newspaper, a writing tutor at the college writers' center, a research assistant for the Head of the Education department, and a co-chair of Colby's Senior Pledge Committee. Carli is very excited to work for Her Campus Colby and share her love for college with you all!
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