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Lexie Lyons

Where are you from?

Santa Cruz, California

What dorm do you live in?


Why did you choose to come to Colby?

I was looking at liberal arts schools on the east coast and this just seemed to be the best fit.

What are you involved in on campus?

I’m co-class president and I’m in the Traditions Committee, I’m also a mentor for CCAK and a member of Rising Readers.

Why did you decide to run for class president?

My COOT brother Phil asked me to run with him and because I was involved in student government all four years of high school. I was interested in becoming involved here at Colby as well. It also seemed like a great way to meet new people.

What is your favorite thing about CCAK?

My mentee Xavier! He’s in kindergarten and is the cutest thing ever. He’s the smallest in his class but thinks he’s super tough and has a ton of energy that sometimes gets him into trouble. But he’s so cute that even the teachers love him and let him off easy. 

Tell Her Campus Colby more about Rising Readers.

Basically, I just visit the elementary school once a week and read to / help the kids read. It’s fun to see them learning to read. We have words memorized and can read easily, but they have to sound out every letter within a word to try and make sense of it. They’re also really good – last week a kindergartener read an entire book to me!

What’s your favorite dining hall?

I don’t have a favorite, it definitely just depends on the menus that day. 

What is the biggest difference between life at home (Santa Cruz, CA) and life here at Colby?

It’s frickin COLD! At home it might drop down to 30 degrees on occasional winter nights. Here 30’s is practically shorts weather. 

Hi my name is Kylie. I am a freshman at Colby College right now. I am from Ridgewood, New Jersey. I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing sports. I am planning on majoring in physics and minoring in math!
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