Latest Jewelry Trend: Septum Rings

Nose studs can be traced back to traditions in the Hindu religion. Culturally, nose studs vary from region to region in the Hindu community. Married or engaged women usually wear nose studs. This use of jewelry is supposed to add onto the beautification of the bride. It is interesting to see how a simple piece of jewelry can add so much to a person. 
Nose studs have been around for centuries, not just in the Hindu community, but also in ancient Mayan and Aztec communities. With that in mind, the dispersion of a nose stud has been continuously changing. Nowadays, in our generation we see nose rings as a trendy fashion statement. It has definitely been very popular on campus to see a student with a nose stud. Whether it is a ring, a chain, or just a stud.
For those who are not as bold but would like to participate in the latest piercing trend, here are some places where you can by faux septum rings or studs. It’s very bold and chic look, but if you want to try something new for this spring or summer, do a test run with one of these cute septum rings.

If you are planning on getting a nose piercing, be cautious of the implications that come with getting one. Make sure you go to a professional who is trustworthy and certified to give nose piercings.

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