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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colby chapter.

Name: Kyndhal Stewart

Year: 2019

What are you interested in studying? Before coming to Colby, I was divided between studying Biology and Anthropology. However, then I found that Colby has a unique major called Science, Technology, and Society, which I love!

Where are you from? I hail from the great city of Houston, Texas, otherwise known as H-Town.

Biggest difference between life at home and Colby: One of the biggest differences between life at home and life at Colby is the society in general. Houston is the most diverse city in America, so coming to Colby was a huge shock to me. While realizing that Colby is a competitive and very expensive liberal-arts university that draws students mainly from the New England area, which limits the chances of having many minority students apply and/or get accepted, even though it is more diverse than before, it has a long way to go. Also, social standards and interactions are very different. At Colby, there is different slang, a huge emphasis placed on being politically correct, people wear and value different brands of clothing, people seem a bit more reserved and aloof, and seem uncomfortable with showing casual affection. Mind you, these are all based broadly on my experiences, I know that not all Colby students are this way.

Where are you living on campus? I live on Frat Row in Pierce. It’s amazing!

Favorite place to study: I love to study in the International Club room on the first floor of the Pugh Center, and the meeting room or empty club rooms on the second floor. It’s comfy and quiet :)

Dream job: I would love to be the creator of my own line of natural hair care products, as well as the owner of a natural hair salon. I love all things hair.

How do you like being Freshman Class President so far? I love being President! I find it so interesting being on the flip-side of everything that goes on at Colby. It gives me a real appreciation for  all faculty and staff, as well as everyone who makes the wheels of Colby turn. It takes a lot of work, but I love to be busy. Also, I love having the opportunity to meet new people through my position. From classmates to administration, I feel as if I know so many people on campus.

Favorite thing about Colby? Besides all of the amazing classes and people, I love how many opportunities Colby offers. From amazing speakers such as Patrice Coullers, one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, to constant activities on the weekends such as apple picking and pumpkin-carving, to the amazing support of the Career Center and other departments, I feel like there is always something going on.

Do you have any hidden talents: I LOVE to whistle. From my sophomore year  to senior year of high school, one of my closest friends, Eddy Chiang, and I would whistle Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston songs whenever we had the chance! We even used to match pitches, have volume competitions, and tried to disturb each others’ frequencies. I can pretty much whistle any song, as long as I’ve heard it.

Favorite song at the moment: I’m all about throwbacks, and “Int’l Players Anthem” by UGK is my jam! I heard it a lot through an important time in my childhood, so it fills me with nostalgia and warm-feelings.

Favorite actor: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nicolas Cage. No one understands my love for him, but it’s something special. He’s handsome, talented, an amazing actor, and just the perfect amount of weird, which I adore. I have earrings with his face on them ,he was my profile picture on Facebook for a while, and I planned to ask him to my prom, but he was over the age limit.

Favorite dining hall? Bobs is by far my favorite dining hall. I’m tired of Dana and I have love for Foss, just not the half a mile walk there. Bobs has amazing lunch, the food is mostly always seasoned, it doesn’t hurt that it’s literally a minute away from my room, and those flatbread pizzas are BOMB!