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How to Survive “The Week”

We all know which week I’m talking about. The one when it seems like all of your professors plotted against you and you now have three tests to study for, two papers to write, and piles of reading on top of all that. How could one person possibly survive this? Here are a few tips!


Step 1: The best way to get through the “hell week” is to plan ahead. Look at the syllabus from each class, figure out when your major assignments are due, and try to get ahead. But let’s be real, very few of us will actually do that. So when we realize that we have a million things to do in one week, how do we get through it?



Step 2: Most importantly, DON’T STRESS. Stressing yourself out will get you nowhere. You will spend so much time worrying about the work you have to do that you will never actually do any of it. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself you can do it.



Step 3: Mix it up. Don’t try to finish an entire paper at one time, or study for one test for four hours straight. Work on a paper for an hour, study for a test, and then take a break. No one wants to stare at a computer screen or textbook for hours on end. 



Step 4: Set goals while doing your work. Tell yourself that once you write one page of a paper, or get through one section of a study guide, you can buy yourself a snack or check Yik Yak. Maybe that will help you gain some motivation. 



Just remember that you’re an awesome, intelligent person who will kick that paper’s/test’s a$$. YOU GOT THIS!

I'm a first year at Colby College. I have not declared a major yet, but I am considering majoring in psychology and minoring in human development. On campus, I am part of Colby Cares about Kids, a mentoring program, Lives of Purpose, a volunteer group, and now Her Campus Colby! I like to sing (even if I'm not the best lol), go to the gym (when I'm motivated...), and I am a Netflix addict.
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