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HCC Update: The Her Campus Guide to College Life

The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life!

This guide is brought to you by the geniuses behind Her Campus. It includes priceless tips on how to make your college years the best years of your life.

The book is divided into five parts, each focusing on areas of your life that will inevitably change through your transition to college. This book is great for any girl struggling with the adjustment to college life. Advice is given on any topic you could imagine, from how to prepare for your time abroad to how to survive the college hook-up culture. 

Part One: Staying Safe in College

Look here for advice concerning dorm safety, safety around campus, understanding and preventing sexual assault, and tips on studying abroad.

Part Two: Staying Healthy on Campus

Part two includes nutrition and fitness guides, information on eating disorders and how to maximize your physical health, the do’s and don’ts of drinking, smoking, and drugs, and tips on how to maintain a healthy mentality. 

Part Three: Developing Smart and Successful Relationships

Part three consists of ways to begin and preserve romantic relationships, as well as your relationship with your roommate(s), professors, family, and friends. It also provides advice on how to deal with unhealthy relationships. 

Part Four: Building a Balanced Social Life

This section provides pointers on balancing extracurricular activities with school academics and social life, and how to keep a professional and clean social media presence. 

Part Five: Managing Your Money and Career

Everyone should know how to manage their money and how to make more! Look here for advice on landing jobs and internships, as well as ways to make money during the school year. 


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I'm a first year at Colby College. I have not declared a major yet, but I am considering majoring in psychology and minoring in human development. On campus, I am part of Colby Cares about Kids, a mentoring program, Lives of Purpose, a volunteer group, and now Her Campus Colby! I like to sing (even if I'm not the best lol), go to the gym (when I'm motivated...), and I am a Netflix addict.
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