Gillian Katz '16

Year: 2016

Dorm: AMS, but basically Carroll St.

Major: Anthro

Hometown: Boston, MA (no, not 20 minutes outside)

Relationship status: Single and Mingling

Favorite dining hall: Foss

Three things you can’t live without: Chocolate ice cream, online shopping, and my dog Gus

Theme song: “All Night Long” – Lionel Richie

Favorite movie: "Clueless"

Guilty pleasure: SoulCycle

Best Waterville date spot: Anywhere I can get a good glass of vino

Celebrity crush: Tie between Scott Eastwood and Liam Hemsworth, although the Australian accent might push Liam a bit ahead…

Celebrity Doppelganger: I’ve gotten Whitney Port and Amanda Seyfried, and yes, I’ll sign autographs.

What are you involved in on campus?

I’m the Online Editor of The Echo and the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Colby.

What’s on your senior bucket list?

Bartending at the Pub, being a campus cutie, befriending all local DJs.

What reality TV show would you most like to be on?


What do you look for in a guy? 

Height and a great sense of humor.

Any deal breakers? 

Taking yourself too seriously and wearing ugly shoes.

What’s the best thing about SWUG life? 

Every day is a YOLO opportunity (it is the motto after all…)