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Do Finals Suck? Yes. Can they Suck Less? Absolutely!

Do finals suck? Yes. Can they suck less? Absolutely! 


While taking study breaks to chat with friends, workout or (obviously) binge on food are all necessary ways to survive finals, at some point you need to get down to it and actually study. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make the best of it though. Listening to music is one way to help you get through studying. 


So, open up your Spotifies and soundclouds and get listening! Some of my go-to study playlists are:


1. Acoustic Afternoon on Spotify

2. Pop Chillout on Spotify

3. Your Favorite Coffeehouse on Spotify

4.HT on SoundCloud


And last but not least, for all of the admitted or closeted Beliebers, here is a 1 and a half hour live acoustic show that Justin Bieber performed.


Happy listening!

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