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Delicious Food: 3 New Food Trends and How To Do Them At Colby

1. Cookie Dough

We’ve all been guilty of eating a bit, a batch, or a whole tub of raw cookie dough. Well, the guilty pleasure snack is now becoming a recognized food. Stores similar to ice cream or cupcake shops are opening where diners can enjoy a variety of different flavors of cookie dough.

How to do it at Colby: The online shop Edoughble will ship containers of cookie dough directly to Colby. 




2. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast has become popular on social media sites like Instagram, where everyone seems to be posting photos of this new breakfast fad. The dish is essentially what the name implies, served with or without a poached egg on top.

How to do it at Colby: This is one dish you can make yourself. Pick up the ingredients at the supermarket and put your dorm kitchen to use!



3. Unique Donut Flavors

Donuts have been around for years, but recently bakers are departing from the standard Dunkin Donuts style treat in favor of new taste combinations. Toppings and fillings include cereal, fruit, and bacon. Some stores have even been adding alcohol to their glazes to make donuts that resemble popular drinks, like margaritas.

How to do it at Colby: The food truck Urban Sugar at Sugarloaf and in Portland specializes in these innovative donuts. While they do offer standard sugar and glazed options, some of their signature flavors include both maple-bacon and sriracha-chicken combinations.


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