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9 Reasons to Go On an Outdoor Adventure

Colby is an outdoorsy school. We have a hugely active huge Outing Club — over half the school is on its email list. Every weekend there are multiple trips from ski trips to whitewater rafting. Do you play a sport or don’t have time to go on outing club trip? Grab a couple friends, rent some gear from Outing Club, and go skiing or camping for the weekend. Or just one day. There are so many reasons to get outside! If you need some convincing, here are some reasons:

1.     Youll get to see views like this: 



and this:

and this:

2. It’s a FREE way to have fun!

3. Studies show that people who spend time outside are LESS STRESSED! Which is so important for super busy college kids.

4. Being outside is really good for not only your mental health, but your physical health too.

5. Going on adventures with your friends is great for bonding.

6. Think you have too much work to spend a couple hours hiking? THINK AGAIN. Spending time outside is proven to actually increase concentration, so you can focus when you get back from your hike.

7. More time outside means more time to get Vitamin D. Which among other benefits gives you more ENERGY!!

8. Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder!! People get sad in the winter sometimes because they’re cooped up inside. 

9. Going on adventures raises your tolerance for change and uncertainty, and living with uncertainty and change are essential for dealing with the crazy world we live in.


So grab some friends, rent some gear from the Outing Club (IT”S FREEEE), and get out into the great Maine Outdoors this fall!


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