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5 Ways Your Best Friend is the Best Valentine


1. You already have regular dates:

Whether it’s a nightly dinner, a weekly FaceTime appointment, or a monthly manicure, you two expect some routine one-on-one time with each other. Because you’re so used to scheduling each other in, plans seem to just fall into place.

2. She knows exactly what food you want and when:

After both counseling you through break-ups and finals weeks and keeping you company during snow storms and Netflix marathons, she’s probably pretty aware of your snack preferences. Hot or cold, sweet or salty, she’ll never get it wrong.

3. She’s the easiest person to shop for:

Whenever you don’t know what to get someone as a gift, who do you ask? Usually, you start with their best friend. I rest my case.

4. You don’t need to stress about how you look:

She’s seen exactly how many chins you can get in one snapchat and she’s still around, so chances are she’s not going to judge anything you wear at this point.

5. You would text her all Valentine’s Day anyways:

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship, on a date, or eating Nutella by yourself in your room, the only thing that’s getting between you two is bad cell phone service.

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