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5 Ways to Stay Warm and Still Look Good

It’s cold. Like really cold. And when you wake up in the morning and you see that it’s below zero outside, you probably think “What do I wear to not freeze?” Snow pants? Just kidding. Yoga pants under sweatpants? Save it for the walk to the gym.

Here are couple ways to stay warm in the winter without drowning in bulky layers. Although, let’s be real, sometimes you just throw on some sweatshirts under a down coat and call it a day—we can’t always be perfect.


1. Layering shirts is the secret to everything.

Yes, you can lock in warmth by wearing multiple jackets, but you might like to be able to move your arms. If you don’t already do this, you’ll be really surprised to see how much warmer it feels to wear many thin layers instead a few thicker ones. Try a tank top under one or two (depending on how cold you are) long sleeve t-shirts, and then put on a sweater as your cozy outermost layer (well, except for your coat, of course). Another perk of layering thin shirts is that when you walk inside, all you need to take off is your coat.

2. Wearing tights under pants are definitely a thing.

You could wear leggings under pants, but, unless they’re loose pants, it can be hard to pull them on. Wearing leggings as a base layer might also make your pants feel a little tighter than you want. Although tights will not be quite as warm, I don’t think the difference is big enough to be worth the added bulk of leggings. Even with tights, your legs will feel so much warmer than just wearing a pair of jeans or corduroys alone, mostly because you’ll notice that you won’t feel the wind as much.

3. Fleece leggings are heaven.

A lot of people like to wear leggings more often than actual pants, but the problem is that leggings are really not that warm. I think most of us just live with it and walk quickly from place to place, but did you know that you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for comfort? Fleece leggings are a cold weather dream. (Same goes for wool leggings.) Not only are they at least twice as warm as regular leggings, but they might even be more comfortable. (And what could be more comfy than leggings??) T.J.Maxx usually has a selection of patterns and textures, so pick up a pair soon before spring clothes start taking over.

4. Infinity scarves are the way to go.

I’m not sure if I could argue that infinity scarves are warmer than regular scarves, but what makes them feel warmer is that it’s a lot easier to throw on an infinity scarf than it is to wind a scarf around your neck multiple times (honestly, who gets the tails even on the first try?). And when every trip outside involves requires completely bundling up, the ease of an infinity scarf will make life so much easier. They also look infinitely cozy.

5. Fur = luxe

If you’re looking to buy a new coat, I highly recommend investing in one with a fur hood, either real or fake. Not only does a hood with fur trim actually help shield your face from wind and snow, but it also looks really good. Honestly, whose face doesn’t look cute framed in fur? And the best part is that your coat, which you have to wear everyday anyway, becomes an instant fashion statement in itself. Looking good just got a whole lot easier.

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