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5 Necessary Makeup Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years to improve my beauty routine. They are simple, fast, and extremely effective!

1.     Continue using old mascaras even after they dry up.

When mascaras get old and dry, there are two things you can do to keep them in use. First, you can add liquid makeup remover to the bottle, which will moisten the dry makeup and let you get a few more uses out of it. Second, you can apply the dry mascara (I know, it sounds silly) as a base coat underneath your new mascara. Using the almost dry brush helps shapes your eyelashes before you apply the new one, even if you can hardly see the mascara on them.

2.     Do not use body lotion (or any scented lotion) on your face

Moisturizing is the single most important step in a beauty routine, but body lotion is not the same as moisturizer. Body lotion is almost always scented, which cakes on chemicals that you don’t want on your face, and it is far oilier than moisturizer. Applying body lotion to your face will actually dry it out in the long run and will give you acne due to the excess chemicals and oil.

3.     Use more than one face wash (every time you wash your face).

Certain face washes target specific parts of your face. It is not smart to use an acne controlling face wash over your entire face because acne really only occurs in the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Using an acne prevention face wash on your cheeks is not only unnecessary, but it will dry out your skin. Instead, apply the acne control face wash in the T-zone and try a skin brightening wash on your cheeks!

4.     Use liquid eyeliner.

This one seems pretty simple, but for some reason people are stuck on pencil eyeliners. It may work for some people, but the majority of eyes look much sharper, bigger, and more defined when using a liquid liner. Smudgy, smeared eyeliner is very middle school; use a precision liquid liner and apply a small wing in the corner of your eye. The wing doesn’t even have to be visible, but it will lift the corners of your eyes and make them appear bigger.

5.     Apply concealer after your foundation.

Many women think using a concealer is the first step in a face makeup routine. Actually, concealer should be applied after foundation and even bronzer. The point of concealer is to correct, so covering those corrections with other makeup is useless. Lastly, here’s a quick tip-applying concealer to your entire eyelid (only a little) before eye shadow, or even without any eye makeup, dramatically brightens your entire face and makes your eyes look much less tired. 

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