The 10 Colby Girl Outfits and What They Say About You

Colby is so cold that there are really very few things that girls can wear up here besides Bean Boots, a Patagonia, and leggings. Colby girls’ style can be summarized with about only ten outfits that you’ll see a girl wearing on this campus in your entire four years here. The following are these ten outfits and what they say about the girl wearing said outfit.  

(This article is in no way intended to be a put down for girls who wear these outfits or girls who don’t, and have their own unique style)


1. Patagonia fleece, LuLu Lemon leggings, and Bean Boots: This girl cares about her appearance, but she’s got more important things on her mind. She’s never late for class and is able to juggle five extracurricular activities (probably because her outfit only takes her two seconds to pick out). 

2. Athletic sweatpants, an old college hoodie, a T-shirt, and Uggs: This chick is a beast, on and off the court. She doesn’t care about what she’s wearing because she could easily kick all of our butts. Plus she’s super comfortable, and what’s better that that? 

3. Jeans, a flannel, a vest, and riding boots: She’s absolutely a teacher’s favorite. She sits in the front of the class, raises her hand, and always has an extra pencil. She’s beautiful, but in a relaxed and easy-going kind of way. 

4. An oversized sweater, leggings, and riding boots: This girl cares about fashion, but also cares about warmth. When 90% of our time on campus is spent in the FREEZING cold, us girls have to do something to stay both cute and warm. “Oversized sweater girls”

appreciate the art of fashion but enjoy comfort and warmth just as much. 

5. A loose, boho patterned dress, Jack Rogers sandals, and bangle bracelets:  Everyone loves the small chunk of time in the semester when we can wear our comfortable dresses and sandals. This girl is super chill, fun, and love the outdoors. 

6. All Lilly Pulitzer from head to toe: She’s probably blonde, from DC, and sports the last name Bowe. 

7. A plain shirt, patterned scarf, dark jeans, and boots: This girl is smart (like all Colby girls) and really enjoys learning. She wears just the right amount of makeup and always has appropriately styled hair. Her conscientiousness regarding beauty and fashion is absolutely reflected in her grades! 

8. A striped shirt, dark jeans, and boots: Definitely the head of multiple clubs, probably sings like an angel, and will definitely give you a run for your money when it comes to Valedictorian. 

9. A crop top, high-waisted jeans, and an attempt at weather appropriate party shoes: Props to you, girl, for attempting the snow-friendly party shoes. She’s a ton of fun, would love to take a pic with you, and will definitely carry a coffee to class on Monday morning.

10. A long black North Face jacket, jeans, layers to shield from the cold, and Bean boots: Since this is almost literally every girl on our campus, I’ll make a final remark about all Colby girls (even the ones who never wear this outfit).  They’re smart, kind, beautiful, hard working, talented, fit, ambitious, and real tough. You rock girls!