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Wednesday January 20th, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were officially sworn into office, making history. However, this was not the only historical event happening that day. 


Amanda Gorman, a poet at merely 22 years old, delineated a heart stopping composition called “The Hill We Climb” that has since moved people all over the world. 


To compose a country committed to all, 

cultures, colors, characters, and 

conditions.” (Gorman, lines 27-29)


Gorman’s poem delivered a timely and much needed message to previously heavy hearts everywhere, speaking volumes about a healing path forward for our country and world. Change is finally here, Amanda’s poem shows, invoking a soul touching feeling within many Americans and friends around the planet. 


Who exactly is Amanda Gorman and how did she get her start? It is my honor to share the highlights you need to know about our woman crush Amanda. 


Amanda S.C. Gorman is a true American poet and activist.


Born and raised in Los Angeles by her mother,

Gorman resided there until she chose to attend Harvard University to pursue a degree in Sociology. Amanda graduated with the honorable title of cum laude. 


Amanda has a Speech Impediment 

Since her childhood, Amanda has dealt with an auditory processing disorder causing her to not be able to pronounce certain letters, particularly the letter “r”. “It would take until I was 20 to say, meaning that I couldn’t say words like poetry or even Gorman, which is my last name. I had to work really hard at it and practice to get to where I am today,” she told Good Morning America in an interview. Amanda never cowered from this disorder, and was persistent in her efforts to take her power back from it, making her stronger in the end. 


22 is the youngest age a poet has ever read at an inauguration ceremony. 

On top of this milestone goal, Amanda was asked by none other than our First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden who witnessed her recite her work at the Library of Congress.  


Gorman’s work focuses on optimism, feminism, race and marginalization as well as the African diaspora.


Gorman was the first person to be named National Youth Poet Laureate.  Her published work of poems, The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough was offered to the world in 2015 when she was only 18. 


Gorman hopes to one day become president. 

Amanda hopes to run for office in 2036. In a recent interview, she sat down with talk show host Ellen Degeneres where she revealed that she, “has dreamed of running for president for years.” 


I have no doubt that she is going to big and important places. We will all do well to follow her lead.


For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” 


Let’s go BE IT! 


Kele Bullock

Coastal Carolina '22

Kele is a 20 year old junior in college. She is an English major with a minor in Digital Media and Culture. Some of her favorite hobbies are writing, reading, photography, fashion, and styling. She hopes to reach like minded people through her journey in writing, and hopefully help others stories be heard one day as well! Please feel free to reach out to her. :)
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