As I am walking down the road 

Trying to find my way home, 

I come across a tunnel. 

It is dark,  

I am terrified to go alone. 

I try walking quickly, 

Hoping to rush the process as much as I can. 

It seems as though, 

This tunnel is never going to end. 

I begin to get tired, 

And my steps begin to slow. 


I am no longer scared, 

I am now tired and worn out. 

As I slow my pace, 

And begin to think about my actions, 

I realize the tunnel seems to go on forever. 

I begin to get scared again, 

Thinking I will never get out. 

I try to walk faster, 

But my body and mind cannot do it. 

So I slow my pace, and control my breathing. 

I keep it steady. 

Once I do, I see the end of the tunnel. 

And the sun-light that welcomes me.