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Tips For a Cleansed Heart and Mind During Quarantine

Every Friday, my Communications professor ends class by saying: “Look at me: I want you to do something good for this *pointing to his mind* and this *pointing to his heart* over the weekend. Don’t let this place beat you.” And besides knowing that my entire being feels like the puppy-dog-eyed sad emo emoji (you know the one) each time he says that, I want you to also remember to do THAT during this quarantine with this little list I’ve curated.  

For the Mind: Journaling

Write a list of everything that you’re thankful for during this time. Write about something that irritates you or that you’re struggling with and crumble it up. We all need a place to vent, and a journal or an audio-journal (i.e.: voice memos or Facetiming a friend with an open ear) can help cope. You aren’t the only one feeling this way!

For the Heart: Walk, Run, Just Keep Moving
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While sitting at my desk doing online school, my booty can become sore and my body tired. To re-energize yourself and your body, try running your stairs a few times, walking around your neighborhood (while social distancing), or putting on your two favorite gym songs and doing a couple squats, planks, or improv dance. Try to do this on a regular basis (like every hour and a half).

For the Mind: Take a (free) Online Course!

I know I know, you’re thinking “I’m already taking 5 online school courses and now you want me to take ANOTHER one?!”  But hear me out: a free online course that only requires 1-2 hours of you for 5 weeks on basically any topic you can think of?! COOL. Coursera.org is offering free online courses in all areas (including Personal Development) such as “Achieving Personal and Professional Success” by UPenn, “The Science of Well-Being” by Yale, or (the one I’m taking) “Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age” by University of Toronto which are all super useful given the current change in routine.

Super short, engaging videos and interactive polls and quizzes that help you learn the material (unlike most of our current CNU online classes), keep your mind engaged, AND act as a resume builder!

For the Heart (and Mind): Mindfully Eat Your Favorite Food
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Psychology shows that eating your favorite food has neurological positive effects! Mindfully (slowly) eating your favorite food promotes happiness and positivity (and allows you to appreciate Mom’s homemade Mac n’ Cheese even more than when you scarf it down in 4 heaping spoonfuls).

For the Mind: Organize Your Desk/ Schoolwork!

A less stressed, jumbled mind is a clearer, more productive mind. Write down the week’s assignments in a planner, or even on a blank sheet of paper (if you don’t have a planner) and break it down into days, then what you want to get accomplished hour by hour.  Also, clearing your bulletin board, desk space, or adding new laptop sticker decor helps to erase some of this stress that is associated with this current transition in routine.  

And now, because I love astrology as much as the next gal, I’ll leave you with the wise words of my Co-Star astrology app’s daily reading for me: “You feel hard-working right now. Give yourself permission to play. Remember that you always Persevere.”  I hope that you will choose to persevere in this difficult time, and that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy!

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