Three Holiday Treats for You To Try This Holiday Season

It's officially the holiday season! As such, sweet treats will be soon filling the shelves of every major grocery store to share some of that holiday spirit. However, if you're like me, you may want to try making your own treats this year. So, here are three different baking ideas for you to try this holiday season. 


Micheal Scott Christmas gif Giphy

  1. 1. Peppermint Bark Pretzel Bites 

    The first treat is peppermint bark pretzel bites! I made my first attempt at peppermint bark this Thanksgiving and it wasn't too hard! I would definitely recommend trying this if you're a novice baker, particularly because there's no real 'baking' involved!  Recipe:

  2. 2. Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow

    Who doesn't love marshmallows? Especially if they're covered with chocolate and caramel? I've never made these but marshmallows are a favorite all year round, so I would definitely try making these.  Recipe Link:

  3. 3. Christmas Fudge

    This is probably the hardest treat on the list, as you are making fudge. If you're feeling ambitious this year in baking, or if you're a more experienced baker, take a shot at trying to making this Christmas fudge! Recipe Link:

I hope these sweet treats help you with your holiday spirit and you can make these for your family and friends! Enjoy these special treats.