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After one semester in college, I already know the full force of finals. It’s stressful and lonely, and there seems like there isn’t enough time for necessities such as eating, going to the bathroom, or having social interactions. However, small actions to relieve stress like doing things you enjoy to better your mental health is important during these trying times.

environment change

Sometimes all you need is a little change in your environment. It is common to be mentally stuck if you’ve been sitting in the same place for a while, especially if you’ve been stumped on something you’re working on. However, changing the location of where you’re working is a great way to get your brain rolling again. Going outside or to a more peaceful area will get your stress levels back to normal!

a quick snack

A small break to get a snack or drink is incredibly important for your mind AND body. Don’t wait to eat until after you finish a paragraph of an essay or a problem on a practice sheet. Instead, treat yourself! Take time to refuel and come back ready to take down whatever you’re working on. It’ll help you accomplish your task and taste good.

a music or tv break

If I’ve been working for hours on end, it can be easy to get stuck in a mind rut. It is easy to feel like your brain may shut down at any moment from focusing for so long. In times like those, it may be best to take time off. Listen to a few songs and relax or watch an episode of your favorite show. Do something that puts your mind at ease… something that doesn’t take immense concentration. It’ll heal your mind and help you get right back up to work.

having a chat

Finals week is lonely. You feel like you can’t see anyone because they’ll get you off task or they’re busy studying by themselves. However, talking to a friend or family may be the perfect mental reset! You could grab coffee, a meal, have a phone call, or even have a quick chat in passing. Social interactions are an important reminder that you have a support system and you’re not alone!

Zoe is a Psychology major with a Writing minor. She enjoys learning about human development, especially when it comes to child development. Zoe loves writing in her free time and creating stories. She wants to eventually be a Child Therapist/Psychologist and write on the side.