Reducing Plastic Use on Campus

When it comes to being green, everyone is now aware of the importance of not using straws. However, there are more steps you can take to be kind to the environment. Straws are easy to phase out of daily use. It’s a bit harder, but just as worthwhile, to decrease our use of other plastics.

First, as alternative to plastic water bottles, buy a Brita pitcher. Brita pitchers are $23 are Target; Mother Earth will thank you! Keep in mind, you won’t have to keep buying plastic bottles, so over time you’ll save money. A pack of 24 water bottles at Target costs $2.69. Assuming you drink a bottle with every meal, you’ll use 24 plastic water bottles in 8 days. In roughly 64 days, youll have spent the equivalent of one Brita pitcher and used 192 plastic water bottles.

Second, on your trips across Warwick to Harris Teeter, take a reusable shopping bag. 100 billion plastic bags are thrown away in America yearly. It takes hundreds of years for a plastic bag to degrade. Especially when just 1% of plastic bags are recycled, a lot of plastic bags end up in the ocean.

Additionally, buy a set of metal silverware. Instead of grabbing the plastic pack of utensils along with your to-go Commons or Regattas, use your own silverware. The plastic utensils end up right in the trash after they’ve been used. Think of how much waste you could save by using metal silverware!

    I hope these tips are useful! Have any other ideas on how to help save the environment? Leave them in the comments below!