The Power of Positivity During Finals



I always thought mindfullness was bullcrap. You can think whatvever you want into the Universe, what will happen will happen. Nowadays, however, I do believe there is something to be said for thinking positively. Numerous scientific studies have shown if you think you are going into it thinking you will fail you will fail. You can think whatever you want after you take an exam, but going into it, think positively! Here are some ways to boost your self esteem:

  1. 1. Study

    Ok yay duh you did it, you solved finals week. But seriously, the best thing to put your mind at ease and increase confidence is simply to study. Whether you make some extensive study guide, or just read back over your textbooks, it is so much nicer to feel confident going into an exam from studying than stressing during the test.

  2. 2. Deep breaths

    I used to hate focussing on my breathing and still to this day it stresses me out to be too focussed on it. However, taking a few steadying breaths right before a final or while you’re studying can help ease the stress. Take in for 4, hold for 7, exhale for 8. Honestly, just take in for as long as feels comfortable, hold for a little while, and release.

  3. 3. Look back a things you did well in the course.

    Take a look at past quizzes or assignments were you did very well. Of course, you need to look at mistakes you made to make sure you don’t make them again, but even that can help you destress. Just think, well I made these errors and I know it, so now I will never make them again.

  4. 4. Pick 5 of your best attributes

    I don’t care if you think you are the worst person in the world (you are definitely not), pick 5 things you love about yourself. They don’t have to be about academics necessarily, just boost yourself up all around. 

  5. 5. Finally, think positively 

    You will do well on this exam. Don’t even think oh well it doesn’t matter if I fail. No, you are not going to fail. Everything will be okay because you got this.

Happy finals!