PERIOD. at CNU Presents: Ask Me About Periods, Disease Edition

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend PERIOD. at CNU’s Ask Me About Periods (AMAP) event. Each AMAP event has its own special topic to discuss; this time, the subject matter was Diseases and Menstrual Health. This event is meant to serve as a platform for discussion about all things period-related and promote positive menstrual health practices. The event was very interactive; there was a post-it note activity where we each wrote period-related questions to talk about, we read off different period scenarios to spark discussion, and there was even a game to test our knowledge! I had so much fun and we all shared our stories and experiences, leaving each of us with some newfound knowledge on periods and overall menstrual health. I reached out to the current president of the organization, Rachel Applebach, to ask her a few questions about the event and organization as a whole.

What is PERIOD. at CNU and what is its mission?

PERIOD. was founded by Nadya Okamoto, who realized that menstrual products were not readily available to those who need them the most. PERIOD. is now a nationally recognized organization that has served over 400,000 periods. Our chapter’s mission is to celebrate and educate about periods, as well as provide products to those in need. Alongside our philanthropic efforts with our community partners, our club is currently working on getting period products in campus restrooms at CNU (sign the petition here!).

Menstrual Movement: “a social, political, environmental, and cultural movement that seeks to advance menstrual health, break the taboo and ensure that women, girls and those who menstruate can fully and equally participate in society.” –

Why is it so essential to have the Ask Me About Periods events here on campus?

We believe in the utilization of education as a tool for empowerment. PERIOD. seeks to break the menstrual stigma by educating students about periods. Our goal with AMAP is to open conversation about periods and menstrual health in a safe and positive environment, and to show how periods differ from how they are often perceived.

Why is it important that we, as a community, work towards eliminating the taboo surrounding menstrual health?

The taboo that surrounds menstrual health is harmful for menstruators’ health. What I’ve learned from my time in PERIOD. is that most people are undereducated about their own health. People have so many questions that they don’t feel comfortable asking even their doctor. We believe that menstruation is a basic human function and should be treated the same as any other. Opening these doors is one way to a healthier society.

What other projects and/or events is PERIOD. At CNU planning on doing in the near future?

We have an event on Thursday, of course, but we are also putting on a drive from March 11th to 22nd in Residence Halls. In the Fall, we will partner with Her Campus and Planned Parenthood for a large event that combines all of our specialties into a discussion and celebration of women’s health.

Thank you so much to the members of PERIOD. at CNU for hosting this very important event. I had such a blast and learned so many new things. You can follow PERIOD. at CNU on their Facebook page to stay updated on their upcoming events, and be sure to look out for their Women’s Health event coming up next fall!