An Open Letter to My Her Campus Team

Dear HC CNU,

I never realized how influential and important you all would become to me when I first saw your table at Club Fair. I’ll admit, I was a little worried at first. I’ve never been one to participate in clubs that are female dominated because I feel they tend to get a little catty (which is why I avoided the sorority tables like they had the plague, but that was before I found out that Greek women are some of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with), and being asked if I was interested in participating in something that focused on mainly female-related things made me a little apprehensive. But, one thing was certain:

I wanted to write.

I had loved writing as a little girl, and everyone that really knew me knew that I had the talent for it.

I just wasn’t sure if Her Campus was right for me. My writing was never on the “feminine side”; I’ve never been remotely fashion forward or the best at knowing the “10 Best Ways to Get a Guy to Fall for You" or things like that.

That’s what I thought this would be. I thought I’d be walking into something remotely similar to Cosmo, sitting with girls who talk about their “spontaneous weekend vacation to the Netherlands” their parents had taken them on.

But that’s not what this is at all.

You all have been encouraging. You all listen when I vent about things that bother me. You all give me ideas as to what to write about. You all allow me to voice ideas, even if they’re completely off the wall.

It’s not just about what you all do for me.

It’s what we do for each other.

We laugh. I mean, I haven’t really experienced us doing much else. Some will say that it’s too good to be true, but I think the only negative aspect of our team is that we get so stressed out about everything going on that sometimes we forget that we can reach out to each other for help. Maybe there’s more that goes on behind the scenes, but if there are, then we’re great at making sure those issues don’t stem into the majority of the team and how things run, because I have no knowledge of them.

But, really. I don’t think I’ve laughed with a group of girls so much ever. From boy troubles to academic annoyances, there hasn’t been a meeting where I haven’t laughed at something. No topic is off limits - and no one is safe from being put on the spot to talk about their (mis)adventures.

I also know that our team runs on a Vegas Rule: What happens in meetings stays in meetings. I trust you all to know that the personal things I tell you won’t become common knowledge unless I say it’s okay. And you all know that everything you tell me will stay with me, because we’re the type of women who empower each other rather than tear each other down.

You all have helped me delve deeper into the art of giving back. I was completely aware of philanthropy and community service before I came to college; I was in NHS and even served as President my senior year. But I never really stuck with one thing. It was always me showing up to something for a few hours and then going home. With Her Campus, I’ve found what the joy is in sticking with one group and becoming passionate for it.

There was nothing better than getting to hug the director of the local NATASHA House after Lee, Miranda, and I dropped off a check with funds we’d raised for them.

You all have become so important to me that I’m honestly not sure what I would do without you all. Wednesday night meetings have become the one thing I look forward to the most out of my week. I know that as I walk around campus I have people to smile and wave to. When you all come into the line at Einstein’s I get to draw hearts and write “hcxo” and other cute little things, and if I’m lucky enough to make your drink, too, I get to add extra whipped cream or draw smiley faces in caramel sauce.

As my first year at a four-year comes to a close, I know that I have found the group of girls that will lift me up throughout the rest of the days here at CNU, and I can’t wait to see what our team will do next year.

My only hope is that I can help another unsure girl that visits us at Club Fair next year realize that we’re not what people might imagine a stereotypical all-girl group to be (in fact, we’re not even all girls on the team). We’re a family, and we always will be.

Your sappy writer extraordinaire,