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The Last Week of Classes told by Criminal Minds

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

So, it’s that time guys. The last week of classes. Professors are teaching you new material the week before finals if you’re unlucky, and if you’re really unlucky, your professors are throwing you last minute assignments. (I’m unfortunately in both of these categories.) So, having literally just finished two ten-page stories for my creative writing class (I’m not joking) I decided to give the world some gifs to get through hell week. Lord knows we need ’em. They’re also from the show Criminal Minds because…why not?

1. When your professor tells you that you have assignments due the last week of classes.

2. When your professor tells you the final is “all in the textbook.”

3. When your friends notice you haven’t looked away from your textbook in approximately three days. 

4. When your parents call you during the last week of classes and ask if you’re sleeping and eating regularly. 

5. When you remember that the only thing between you and winter break is finals but also the only thing left between you and winter break is finals. 

That’s all today readers! Please study and try to get some sleep! Good look on your finals!

Hello, my name is Isabella and I am a 22-year-old senior. I'm a psychology major and women & gender studies and writing minor. I have an intense love for cats, social justice, feminism, and fandom life [name a fandom, I'm probably in it]. I'm a huge book nerd as well as a huge just, regular, nerd. You can find me sitting in my bed typing an article, procrastinating homework, or watching YouTube.