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What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to play cheeky party games about love and fondness? Let’s play the childhood spicy choice game of Kiss, Marry, Kill with iconic campus spots and phenomena. Many students agree to disagree on which certain architecture design or dining hall menus are the ultimate best, and this passionate debate deserves to be highlighted on none other than V-day. Will my campus opinions be a hot take or a majority win for school spirit? Warning: controversial opinions on the beloved CNU well-known symbols and figures!

Academic Buildings

Marry: Luter

I may be partially biased, since my discipline department resides in Luter Hall, but I believe the Luter building to reign supreme for the title of best academic hall. The renowned Joseph W. Luter III School of Business resides amongst the beautiful pillars of this building, as well as the studies of Communication, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, and Economics. It offers a wide range of students in differing majors from creative Humanities to rational Social Sciences. I personally think the inside atmosphere is the most cozy and comforting to lounge around and study. You can always discover new nooks and crannies to snuggle up in and bust out some homework on your laptop without any distractions.

Kiss: McMurran

McMurran has a stellar wall mural and classy interior design, but does not take the crown for top spot. Where lies the negative factor, you ask? McMurran is notoriously known as housing the worst staircase on campus: the 2nd to 3rd floor steep, closet-sized stairway. It leaves every student wheezing by the time they arrive to the classroom which is highly embarrassing. Although I adore the artistic vibes of the English, Literature, History, Philosophy, and Poly-Sci, the stair-master staircase of torture takes away the convivial vibes.

Kill: Forbes

Hands down, undoubtedly, Forbes is the hall of my nightmares. The infrastructure is built like a horror videogame maze where every floor is a different map. Adding to the creepy, unnerving setting of the building, there are taxidermized animals and exposed skulls encased in glass just staring at you! I am starting to accept that the exits are purposefully hidden so that you can stay trapped forever, forced to do mathematics equations and science labs until you perish and get buried underneath the Great Lawn.

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Special Food Days

Marry: Tender Tuesday

A fan-favorite is the golden crispy chicken tenders fried up on a platter every Tuesday. Much love must be sent in bundles to our hardworking staff in the dining halls for constantly whipping up this heavenly concoction. The chicken tenders are the perfect juicy pick-me up for the bland day of the week, Tuesday.

Kiss: Wing Wednesday

For hump day, the dining halls serve a hearty, savory bucket of wings for the students to choose from. Barbeque, mild, and naked are a few dependable flavors to load onto your plate. But cautiously chewing around a bone, careful not to dislodge a piece and choke is not a fun way to spend lunch hour. There is a reason this average/adequate option is the middle of the week, because no one would go party over the same chicken disguised in different dipping sauces.

Kill: Flatbread Friday

This choice falls flat, literally. No one knows that this exists. Pizza is typically served as an option in the dining halls everyday. A special dinner dedicated to one specific type of pizza is not the piping hot serve we need on the end of a stressful work week. Also, stuffed crust is generally more popular for its extra flavor, texture, and volume. Let’s transform this ordinary flatbread day into something spicier like Falafel Friday or French Cuisine Funday.

Hang Out Spots

Marry: Lion’s Bridge

Date location, scenic photo-op, or a nice hideaway to cry about your current midterm grades, the Lion’s Bridge is a great place to visit. Sit and calmly enjoy the view of the river in any season or weather! I personally like to take unhinged photos of the statues.

Kiss: Einstein’s

The school coffee shop situated in the corner of the library is perfect for informal get-togethers and chill study dates with friends. If you want to get a good chunk of homework done while gossiping with your friends, then this is the prime spot to settle down and order some hot tea (pun intended). However, it can quickly get too busy and loud with influx of students at every half hour.

Kill: Greek Row

It is 2023 and I am not afraid to announce that fraternity throwdowns are overrated! Be innovative with your limited free/social time and do something actually exciting instead of standing in an overcrowded, smelly, sweaty room getting overstimulated and claustrophobic. Go bowling, a karaoke room, late night Dairy Queen drive… literally anything than being surrounded by inebriated “frat bros” who do not know the concept of personal space.

21 yr old Virgo writer at Christopher Newport University. Big feminist. Coffee ice cream enthusiast. Communication Major.