I Got a Facial and It Changed My Life

I recently found myself at Ulta with an abundance of money... How often do you get to say that?! I had been hoarding a gift card from the holidays, and wandered around for a solid 45-minutes before I realized I could use it on a service, not just a product. I wandered back to the salon and asked about the Dermalogica services. I found that they offer several different skincare services, including a 10 or 20 minute facial. 

I waited about 20 minutes before I was called back. As weird as I thought it would be, I was surprisingly comfortable. The chair sort of feels like a more comfortable dentist visit. The woman (a facailist? a facial technician?? We'll refer to her as Jen.) asked me several questions about my skin: What sort of issues do I have? What's my normal skincare routine like? Am I allergic or sensitive to anything?

After reviewing my dry, sensitive face, problems, and what I thought was my good skincare routine, she went to work. First, she removed my makeup, and cleansed my face. She was super gentle on my skin, and the products felts soooo good. She then took a light and started to examine my skin. Remember when I said I had dry skin?? Well, apparently I'm as oily/combo as a person could be.

She described how she figured this out (thanks, enlarged pores...), and started an exfoliating facial to help get rid of dead skin and help balance out my skin.

Y'all, I took a nap. There was a hot face towel, a face massage, and steamy steam on my face. When she finished everything up, she toned my skin, moisturized, and gave me some suggestions to better my skincare routine.

Y'all. I honestly felt like a glowing goddess with baby skin for face skin.

I know that sounds weird, but I was GLISTENING in the best ways. My skin was soft, my pores looked smaller, and I just felt relaxed. While I was looking for a new toner in the store, I called my mother and demanded to know why she had been holding back the beautiful skin secret that is a facial.

Now, several days later, I've changed up my routine, and my skin still feels awesome. Since I've been using the right products for my skin, it's been so balanced, and I haven't found myself getting breakouts. I know it seems like such a silly thing, but self-care is so important. Overall, it was $27 well-spent. 

If you haven't ever pampered yourself with a fancy facial, head to your nearest Ulta and see what fits with your budget. For a college student, it's so much pampering for a really affordable price!