HC Survival Kit: Trying out the Innisfree Face Mask

So, I got the opportunity to try out the Innisfree Green Tea Face Mask, Serum, Eye Cream, and Hydrating Cream. Full disclosure: I'm generally not a face mask person. I do face masks when my roommates do them, but generally I forget about them. I do not have a complicated face routine - it just consists of washing my face and adding moisturizer. That's it. As a result, this face mask (and other products) try-on was a little bit exciting for me.

Innisfree, for those of you who are unaware (like me), is a Korean skincare brand. I had never heard of them before this moment, but I (spoiler!) did enjoy these face products when I used them. They were all hydrating products which are good for me since I have dry skin, and my skin came away feeling super soft and hydrated.

The face mask, which is the focal point of this article, came with fairly standard face mask instructions.

Step 1: Wash your face. I did this with my hydrating face wash, which is the face wash I normally use. Perhaps this helped my skin feel as soft as it did after the mask and other hydrating products. 

Step 2: Placing the mask on your face. This seems like a simple premise (it is), but the mask was folded tightly in the packaging, so it took some finessing by me (who's famously clumsy) to successfully unfold it. Once I did, I placed said mask onto my face, making sure to avoid my nose, eyes, and mouth. 

Step 3: Waiting time. The directions informed me that I should leave it on for 10-20 minutes so I decided to do it for the full allotted time of 20 minutes. I played around on my phone during in those 20 minutes, and once it was done I took it off. Once off, I patted the wetness down into my skin - as the directions instructed - and then proceeded to use the next three products that were recommended for me to use. 

All in all, I would probably use this product again, depending on how dry my skin was and how available this product was to me. Having never heard of this brand before this, it would probably be difficult to find this product again in an accessible location (i.e., Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond). This has been a very fun experience for me, and maybe I'll even do more face masks. 

Have you used these products? Do you use face masks a lot? Comment down below and let me know!