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Five Witchy Gift Ideas for Under $15

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

With Samhain behind us and the holidays on the horizon, the season for gift-giving is here. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with buying presents; it can be so magical when you’ve found the perfect gift for someone, but on the other hand, it’s torture if a deadline is approaching and the ideas just aren’t flowing. Gift-giving is an art, and art can’t be rushed… but it can be encouraged by a few unique witchy gift ideas. To help conjure up a flawless present, here are some enchanting (and inexpensive) presents for the crystal-loving, incense-burning friend in your life. 

set of essential oils

Essential Oils!! Literally the perfect gift. The nice thing about them is there are hundreds of different blends, so it’s kind of like a “collect them all” type of hobby. Oils like lavender and rosemary are great for those just starting out; here’s a set of six starters for only $15. If you’re trying to find some obscure ones for the avid collector, try blue chamomile or yuzu. 

crystal bundle

Similar to essential oils, the selection is basically endless in the world of crystals. Whether you like crystals for their energetic properties, or just because they make for cutesy shelf décor, they can be awesome gifts either way. If you know your friend especially well, you can get them crystals to help with their personal problems or areas of life that they’re looking to transform. Some classic options include rose quartz, which promotes self-love, and malachite, which is considered to be a protection stone.

On the other hand, if you want it to be a surprise for both of you, check out this mystery crystal box. You may want to look into the meanings of each crystal before gifting them, though; powerful crystals like moldavite should never be gifted by someone else unless explicitly requested. 

angel number necklace

A present that doubles as an affirmation? Absolutely unbeatable. These $14 necklaces are another great way to personalize a gift without spending too much. Before buying, check out the meaning behind each angel number here. I’d personally recommend either 777 for luck or 444 for protection; both are really encouraging messages to receive. Gifting someone angel numbers is like free therapy, honestly.

Reiki CHarged Candle

These candles from Etsy smell amazing (thanks to essential oils), and­ each one has a different blend of oils based on the intention of that candle. There are over 20 different intentions to choose from, but a few of my favorites are Positive Energy, Healing, and Protection. I also highly recommend the Problem-Solving candle, which is a warm, summery blend of rosemary and honeysuckle. Each candle comes with an affirmation on the label, too, which is a cute way of showing someone you love them without being super sappy about it.

Holographic Tarot Deck

Not sure if it’s the iridescent shimmer on these cards or the fact that they’re only $14, but I’m in love with them. The pictures are pretty easy to interpret, as well, which makes this an ideal first deck for someone who’s just getting into tarot and wants a set that isn’t the original Rider-Waite. Although I haven’t personally ordered them, a lot of the reviews say that the shipping is insanely fast, so this would also work well if you need a gift ASAP!

Sierra is a 2023 alumna and former president of the Her Campus at Christopher Newport University chapter. She primarily covers topics surrounding mental health and personal growth, sometimes dabbling in the analysis of cultural trends and fashion, as well. Sierra received a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Childhood Studies, and is currently working towards completing her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology. In addition to writing for Her Campus, her work has also been featured in The Cupola, CNU’s undergraduate research journal. In her free time, Sierra loves thrift shopping, going on Target runs, and caring for her many plants.