Easy Ways to Boost Your Mental Health During COIVD-19

As everyone is (hopefully) practicing social distancing and quarantining themselves in their home, a bunch of people are having a dip in their mental health due to the lack of ability to go outside and socialize with people. So, as a result, here a couple of easy ways to boost your mental health while you're stuck at home.

  1. 1. Journaling 

    person sketching on a white pad

    Journaling is a super easy thing to do! It can be a daily ritual to do at the end of your day, just to check in with yourself and let go of all your negative feelings or reflect on the positive feelings you have. Once you're done writing down your negative feelings, you can rip out the page and rip it up, giving a visual representation of having that bad feeling go away.

  2. 2. Take Short, Daily Walks

    sandals sidewalk flowers

    This is also easy but can be difficult because of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders. However, even if it's just leaving your place of residence and walking to the end of the street and back, the fresh air and light exercise can help your mind, especially if its repetitive. 

  3. 3. Have a Nighttime Routine

    girl laying on a bed

    Routine is a really good tool for the mind, as it's something that your body can depend on every day. Your routine may have been seriously messed up considering COVID-19 so having a routine in place can be a super vital thing. Especially if you're a person like me, who loves having a routine. 

I hope these small easy tips help! To make this process easier for you and others, make sure to practice social distancing and quarantine yourself if you began experiencing symptoms and follow all of the CDC and WHO guidelines. Stay safe out there, everyone!