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Off Campus Hot Spot: Hot Or Not Yoga

In a way, we are all bears. Yet, in other ways, we are not bears. 

Wait! Hold on, do not click out of this article! I promise this is not some pseudo-intellectual hubbub, I was just trying to use a metaphor to catch your attention. Let me explain.

We are bears because we have finally begun to emerge from this past winter’s hibernation. We are not bears because bears hibernate in dens and we hibernate under bedcovers accompanied by our most constant friend, Netflix. We are also not bears because bears lose up to 40% of their body weight during the winters, and if you are anything like me you spent the winter steadily packing on the pounds because “what if I got snowed in somewhere and had to live off the fat in my own body for days on end?!”

And this cat was not around to rescue me?

Fear not, my sweet bears! To lose those winter pounds look no further than Hot or Not Yoga and Massage Studio located in the Hiddenwood Shopping Center right behind Rappahannock!

The studio offers a variety of classes, including hour-long sessions specifically designed with beginners in mind and yoga classes offered at “room temperature (hence the “or not”). The best part is there is a $30 introductory pass for three weeks of unlimited yoga!

Pictured: a beginner level class

Some benefits of yoga include: stress relief, flexibility, strength, energy, and weight reduction. Hot yoga offers all of this with the added benefit of major detoxification, and the ability to go deeper into the positions. The heat also elevates your heart rate which makes your body work even harder and gives you a particularly intense workout!

So what are you wating for my yoga-bears?! Go check out Hot or Not and start stretching and sweating!



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