"Big Little Lies" is the Show We All Need Right Now

It's no big or little lie (see what I did there?) that Big Little Lies made huge headway this Awards season. The show had a whopping 52 nominations, and won 35 of them. The series was originally announced as a miniseries, but HBO later confirmed that a second season would be released. All the show's success is very much deserved... And I can't believe that it's taken me almost a year to hop on this bandwagon. Here's some *spoiler-free* reasons why Big Little Lies is the show you should be watching right now:

1. It's a female driven show


I'm so glad the entertainment industry is finally understanding how talented and amazing women are. This show revolves around the lives of several families and focuses on the relationships between the mothers. There's tension and drama. But, despite all that, there's an amazing sense of comradery among these women. Each has something they're hiding, and these ladies step up and support each other in times of need. Also, if you don't want to watch an all-star cast of ladies, including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley, you're crazy.

2. The Murder-Mystery

It's really no spoiler, y'all. The first episode is called "Somebody's Dead." While we follow the lives of our Monterey mothers, we also follow the huge mystery of just who died in the first episode. Trust me, you won't know until the last episode.

3.   The Music

With the cool, posh beaches of Monterey, Cali as the backdrop, it's no wonder that an amazing soundtrack accompanies our favorite characters through plotting, drama, and scandal. I recently mentioned a few of the songs in our HC @ CNU Discover Weekly article, but there is a playlist floating around Spotify with all of the tracks from Season 1. They range from bluesy, jazzy, kiss-someone-random slow jams to punch-a-wall, raging, sort of rock jams. The music perfectly compliments the crazy emotions and drama throughout the show.

4. The Twists-and-Turns

Without giving too much away, I have to say that this plot threw me for a loop more than once. I usually really don't like cliff-hangers in my shows, but this show creates an elongated cliff-hanger. You really don't connect all the threads until the last, like, 10 minutes of the final episode. You don't know what will happen, and that's what keeps you watching... not some crazy, weird plot point in the last 30 seconds of the episode.

You can watch this show on any HBO platform. Gather up your galentines, get some wine (or an appropriate under-21 beverage!), and binge this amazing show together.

*Spoiler & Trigger Warning: This show does explore some rough topics, like sexual assault and abuse, so if you are sensitive, please be aware before you watch this show!*