HC @ CNU Discover Weekly

Obviously, Her Campus at CNU has some amazing members... We have amazing events, creative articles, and, I'm just recently learning, amazing taste in music. I've recently been less than inspired by my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify (No offense, Spotify! I'm sure all my music algorithms are off!). I've always loved getting music suggestions from friends, and a few amazing suggestions turned into this crazy idea.

Every week, Her Campus at CNU will bring you a playlist filled with some amazing bops, jams, and tunes to get you through the week. This week, we've complied some of our favorite jams. Are y'all ready??

 1. "Our House" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash

"This song describes what my dream life when I’m 80 looks like. It’s so calm and sweet." -Adelaide N., Writing Team

2. "Plain Jane Remix" by A$ap Ferg & Nicki Minaj

3. "Finesse (Remix)" by Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B

"It's alllllll about the power collabs right now. After such a good weekend, it's all about keeping that momentum going into the week ahead. These are all the jams I have on repeat." -Ashley P., Writing Team

4. "How Long- Jerry Fold Remix" by Charlie Puth

"Issa bop, but it takes an okay song and turns it into a great car jam." - Ashley P.

5. "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" by MIKA

"With all that Christmas weight still on me, this was the song I needed to hear." -Ashley P.

6. "Bartier  Cardi" by Cardi B feat. 21 Savage

"Cardi B has decided she is keeping her clout in the Rap world, and I am living for it!" -Ashley P.

7. "Wiser" by Old Man Canyon

"My friend, Holly, showed me this song on a long ride home from D.C., and it is the perfect road trip/night drive song. Apparently it was a season finale song for Shameless, and it's fantastic!!" -Caitlin M., Photography Team Director

8. "No Ending" by Delv!s

"I recently discovered this song, and I love the R&B/soul vibes of it." -Olivia F., Marketing & PR Director

9. "Sway-Chainsmokers Remix" by Anna Of The North

"I'm a big fan of the Chainsmokers' music, so when  I heard this remix, I instantly fell in love. The chorus is so catchy, and it gets you moving." -Olivia F.

10. "I Gave it All" by Aquilo

"I love this singer's voice, and he really successfully delivers the emotional lyrics of this song. I also like how this song gradually builds up until the bridge. It's just an overall great sound." -Olivia F.

11. "Everybody" by Logic

"I love how he takes time to acknowledge the difficulties of being mixed race. Like, I'll never have to experience it, but he is so real about the struggles he faces with it." -Royall B., Editor-in-Chief

12. "It Was A Sin" by The Revivalists

"This song is so angsty and raw (just like all Revivalists songs)." -Royall B.

13. "Seventeen" by Sjowgren

"Perfect for when you met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with." -Royall B.

14. "All This Could Be Yours" by Cold War Kids

"This is just a bop that I jam to on the way home from school because it makes me happy." -Royall B.

15. "Without Me" by Eminem

"I grew up on Eminem, my mom hums this in the car, and I can rap, like, 97% of this, so no duh..." -Royall B.

16. "Die Young" by Sylvan Esso

"All about realizing that people being in your life is great." -Royall B.

17. "Fiji Water" by Owl City

"Even though it seems like Owl City is so 2009, Adam Young reminds us all that there's no such thing as luck, and everything happens for a reason with this jam!" -Shannon C., Writing Team

18. "Roman Holiday" by Halsey

"This song is a nod to a dreamier time than late January poses. With it's catchy tune, you'll soon be dreaming of the warm spring days with the person you love most! Hang in there, collegiettes!" -Shannon C.

19. "Cold Little Heart- Radio Edit" by Michael Kiwanuka

"I've recently been addicted to Big Little Lies, and the theme song is so dreamy. The vocals are killer, and what seems like another indie-esque song turns into a real head-bobing jam." -Julianna G., Senior Editor

20. "Be Alright" by Ariana Grande

"I loved this song when it first came out, and forgot about it for a bit. Recently, life's been throwing me some interesting curve balls. This song is something to put on repeat when you feel like you just gotta breathe. That marimba catches your attention. Just remember, no matter what, everything will be alright." -Julianna G.

21. "Confidently Lost" by Sabrina Claudio

"I LOVE Sabrina Claudio. Her vocals are *praise hands emoji*. She has such an ethereal, almost magical voice is only complimented by the chill beats and vibe of this song. Put this bad boy on repeat, light some candles, and take a bubble bath. Her voice works perfectly with bathroom acoustics... and if you end up singing along with her, yours will too!!" -Julianna G.

Check out the play list below! Don't forget to follow us on Spotify, and we'll see you next week! HCXO