The Best Spooky Snacks this Season

The weather’s getting colder, the semester’s getting harder, and the leaves are getting crunchier. It’s halloween time, and here are some of the best spooky snacks for when you’re hanging out in your kitchen with your roommates, being responsible yet spooky this halloween season. 

  1. 1. Pretzel Stick Mummies

    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but that doesn’t mean I randomly love to spend time making cute snacks. This is a quick and easy spooky snack that is effervescently cute, while simultaneously creepy. Grab some pretzel sticks from the grocery store, some white chocolate candy melts, and a bag of chocolate chips. Dip those pretzel sticks in the candy melts and throw on some chocolate chips for eyes, and you’ve got the perfect spooky mummy! Extra points if you’re patient enough to wait for the first layer of candy melts to harden and layer on some strings of candy melt over top! 

    two skeletons
  2. 2. Cake Pop Eyeballs

    I’ll admit, this one’s a little bit more complicated, but I’m a sucker for cake pops. They’re not super hard if you use a box mix, either! Personally, I go for a funfetti cake pop base, and then use melted frosting to give the eyeball its white color. After that, all you’ve gotta do is stick a couple M&Ms on the still warm frosting and allow the cake pops to cool. Use a toothpick to dot some of the leftover white icing onto the M&Ms and you’ve got the perfect eyeball cake pop!

  3. 3. Ghost Strawberries

    I LOVE chocolate dipped strawberries, and there’s no better excuse to make them than for some spooky thrills. Ghost strawberries are, you guessed it, another easy dipping method using white candy melts for the ghostly body. Next, take some of the left over chocolate chips from our pretzel stick mummies to create the most perfect little ghost faces, maybe with a chocolate chip forming a super surprised mouth as well! 


    spooky jack o lantern with blue lights

With these snacks around, you will have the best quarantined halloween possible. And who knows, maybe the horror of the pandemic will contribute to some extra spooky vibes!