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Best Holiday Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

Black Friday is coming up, and what better way to decide what gifts to get your loved ones than by basing them off their zodiac signs? Okay, maybe that shouldn’t be the only thing you base it off of. But, taking their zodiac signs into consideration when deciding on their gifts could be a fun route to go about it. Check out this fun list of gifts for each zodiac sign!


Aquarius people are usually very progressive, forward-thinking individuals who love intellectual stimulation. They most likely have a long list of books on their Goodreads profile, so get them a book they’ve been dying to read!

Aquarius people are also very open-minded and love to explore new things. Even though they are naturally very social, Aquarius individuals still value their alone time in order to restore power. Another great gift would be a unique looking deck of tarot cards or sage incense to use during meditation or just to unwind from the day.


The very first thing that comes to mind when you hear Pisces is creativity. These individuals are filled to the brim with creative energy and appreciate all types of art. The best type of gift for this sign is any kind of handcrafted piece of art. Whether it’s a beautiful painting or a handmade tapestry, they will love the unique qualities of the gift you choose.

Pisces is also a very romantic and sentimental sign, and anyone of this sign will appreciate a heartfelt photo album of all the amazing memories you’ve made together so far. Polaroid cameras are also a wonderful gift for this sign.


Aries are very confident, energetic, go-getter individuals who always love a good challenge. Aries people love to learn new skills and have a special affinity for cooking. A how-to book or unique cook book would be a perfect gift for this sign.

Aries are also usually very athletic, so any kind of athletic wear or a new pair of headphones for their workouts would be a wonderful gift, too.


Taurus is a very practical sign. They love anything that brings them comfort, so a thoughtful self-care beauty basket would be the perfect gift for this sign. Put together or buy a spa/self-care basket full of essential oils, a soft blanket and/or socks, lotion and body wash and you’ll be good to go.

The Taurus also appreciates all things related to nature, since they’re an Earth sign. They most likely love to garden and have a love for crystals. Getting them a small house plant or a crystal candle to add to the basket would be a perfect touch.


Geminis are probably one of the easiest signs to shop for. They love just about anything and will appreciate the thought in any gift you decide to give them. Geminis are very curious, adventurous and adaptable, so naturally they have a huge love for traveling. Any kind of convenient travel accessories, decorations or books would be perfect for them.

Geminis also love small stationary items and any cute, quirky and trendy gifts. Colorful journals, planners, pens/pencils and stickers are great stocking stuffers for this sign — or even a new phone case or pop socket.


Cancers are extremely family-oriented and love all things with sentimental value to it. The perfect gift for this sign would be any kind of homemade gifts with a story behind it or a framed photo of the two of you.

Cancers also tend to love cooking for the family. Getting them a new recipe book or neat cooking gadgets is always a great way to go.


Leos are notorious for being fashion lovers and have a taste for the finer things in life, such as silk, cashmere and lots of gorgeous jewelry. Leos love colorful, creative items so a beautiful vibrant colored clothing item such as a scarf would be a great gift for this sign.

Leos love art, and they tend to be fans of theater and music, too. Tickets to their favorite play or music artist would be a wonderful gift for this sign.


Virgos are usually very practical and productive in nature. People of this sign tend to be hardworking individuals and will appreciate any gifts that will be useful in their everyday lives and make their lives easier in some way, such as a new vacuum cleaner, watch, or label maker.

Virgos also appreciate nature, cleanliness and all things organization. Some more great gifts would be earthy scented candles, stationery/vanity organizers and succulents or other tiny house plants.


Libras are very romantic, sentimental, social people who value their relationships with loved ones. Get them a fun card game to play together or with the family, or have a fun romantic movie night and spend quality time together. Libras also tend to love music, so getting concert tickets to see their favorite music artist would also be a wonderful gift.

Libras are also lovers of fashion and tend to be fashion trendsetters. New house décor or a new clothing item to add to their wardrobe would also be a great gift for this sign. Libras love balance and harmony in all things around them, though, so if you get them a new house décor item be sure it matches the theme of their living space, and if you buy something in a pair be sure they complement each other well.


Scorpios are known to be brave, passionate, and often secretive. Many people with this sign appreciate dark humor and all things related to the metaphysical/supernatural. Some great gifts for this sign would be mystery/thriller books and/or movies, dark or dirty humored card games, a tarot card deck or incense and crystals.


Sagittarius people are very fun-loving, free-spirited individuals. They love anything relating to the outdoors, adventure, philosophy and literature. Some great gifts for this sign would be travel books and accessories, beautiful bohemian style jewelry and clothing or tickets to see their favorite indie band.  


Capricorns are very efficient, responsible, hard-working individuals. They’ll appreciate any effort to take the load off of the tasks they have on their long to-do list. A great gift for this sign would be to simply take care of some of the things they need to do, or even cook them a simple, delicious meal.

Capricorns are pretty practical and would love any gifts that are useful in their daily lives, such as new clothes, a laptop case or something that will help them stay organized. They appreciate luxurious gifts, too, though. A new watch or piece of jewelry would be a great gift, as well.

Last but most certainly not least, a gift that never fails is a beautiful healing crystal tailored to their particular zodiac sign! You can check out which crystals are best for each sign here. Happy shopping!