5 Things to do in College if Partying isn’t “Your Thing”

Disclaimer: no judgement is being passed on people who do enjoy partying often! This is just to provide ideas for other people and share my experiences.


College is portrayed as a four-year party by the media. Movies, songs, and television shows all portray college as endless nights of binge drinking, dancing without leaving room for Jesus, and awkward morning-after encounters.

When I arrived on campus as a college freshman, I enjoyed the heck out of my “Welcome Week,” which is essentially a week of partying and making friends. However, as that fateful week has distanced further and further into the history of my college experience, I’ve learned a few lessons.

Firstly, the people with whom I was friends have mostly disappeared out of my life. Why? Because the only thing we really had in common were parties and drinking. I’ve made much more meaningful friendships through other activities and shared interests - AND those friends are much more fun to party with now!

Secondly, college has SO much more to offer than just parties. There are tons of other opportunities on your campus to have fun and make friends through. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party every now and then, but if you’re like me and partying every weekend isn’t your thing, here’s some of those other ideas:

Join a club, or a few!

This one is a no-brainer. Clubs are an instant way to connect yourself to people you share common interests with. Check out your school’s club fair or club directory when you get a chance! (CNU students: here’s our club directory!)

Go to the gym 

Find a workout buddy or join a fitness class. Either way, you’ll definitely make new friends while you ~be up in the gym just working on your fitness.~


I’ve started volunteering multiple times per week as the second semester has started, and I’ve found it to be such a valuable and fun way to spend my time! The investment and payoff is amazing, plus it just feels so good. Plug into a volunteer opportunity that interests you to get started now! (Check out CNU Engage if you’re a Captain.)

Play a sport or join a team

I can’t personally speak for this one, but I know that sports - especially intramurals - are huge across campuses. Join in on the hype and be a part of the family-like friendships that teams have to offer. I also think that joining a sorority is the same concept.

Pick up a new hobby

Literally start doing anything new, and it’ll be so much fun! Knitting, dorm cooking, scrapbooking, I don’t care -- try everything and find something unique you love :)

Those are some of my personal experiences and observations that allow college students to have tons of fun without being at a party. Implement these ideas into your weeknights or your weekends to make new friends and create new memories, but don't forget to go to that frat party or share a drink with your friends whenever you want!