5 Things About Napping After Morning Classes

We all hate morning classes. There’s just something about them that are so annoying. Probably because we stayed up until 3am finishing homework for them, but that’s beside the point. It’s early, your room’s still warm and cozy, and your bed is so inviting -- you don’t want to get up. But, unfortunately, you push the covers away, swing your legs out of bed, and you start getting ready. Fast forward two or three hours, and you’re finally finished with your morning classes and don’t have anything to do until 6pm that night. So, what do you do? If you were on the phone with your parents, you’d probably say something like, “Oh, I’d go study in the library!” or “I’d get some much needed laundry/cleaning done!”

Except, we know the real you.

You’re gonna nap. And boy, oh boy, are those the most amazing naps. Here’s why.

Your bed is soft.

You have lots of fluffy pillows.

You drew your curtains closed so it’s dark.

Your roommates all have class now so you’re all alone.

You made sure not to put on makeup before going out this morning and don’t have to worry about eyeliner smudges.

Naps are great. Naps are life.