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What to Do When Your Only Friend Is Busy

  1. Eat. Eating is the best way to pass time, hands down.


  1. Exercise. A great way to burn off what you just ate, just make sure you wait for the food to finish digesting first.
  1. Binge on your favorite show, or start a new show!


  1. Take a walk. Your favorite couch is nice, but so is the unpredictable weather outside.


  1. Take a nap.


  1. Do the things you’re always telling people you’d love to do if you had time.


  1. Read.


  1. Hit up people you haven’t talked to in a long time.


  1. Go on Yelp and bookmark food places to go to.


  1. Do your homework or study.


  1. Learn a new language.


  1. Write a resume. This site is a great guide to writing your first resume as a college student. Even if you’ve had no experience before, taking the first step is the biggest.


  1. Browse the new and interesting finds on Amazon . This is the biggest time consumer there is.


  1. Go on YouTube and watch controversial videos just to watch the drama in the comments section unfold.
  1. Dance! Put on some music and have your own party.


  1. Clean out your closet. Donate those clothes you’ve grown out of or no longer wear.


  1. Go shopping. You didn’t clean for no reason!
  1. Do an at-home spa day.
  1. Study some SAT words! You will either learn something new or fall asleep – it’s a win-win situation. It’s also a great way to bring back pre-college trauma.
  1. Do some DIY crafts to decorate your room.
  1. Organize your desk.
  1. Hop on a bus, get off at a random stop, and explore.
Katrina is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon majoring in chemical engineering. She loves reading, watching Friends, listening to music, photography, and anything cozy. 
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