Peace and Cranes

Paper cranes have long been a sign of peace, health, longevity and truth among other things. There is a legend that states that if you were to take the time and fold 1000 paper cranes then your deepest wish would be answered. Well a young girl did just that when she had been diagnosed with leukemia after having been involved in the nuclear fallout of an atomic bomb in the 1950’s. To read more about the legends of the crane and this remarkable young girl head to this website.

            But why am I telling you this? Well this semester Jacqueline Puschmann, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, partnered with CMU’s Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion to fold 1000 paper cranes with messages of peace written inside before Martin Luther King Day. She started this campaign on September 21st, which was World Peace Day, and hopes to spread the message of peace to everyone who is willing to listen and even participate. Anyone who wants to learn more, write a message of peace, or maybe even learn how to make an origami paper crane should contact  Jacqueline Puschmann at [email protected]. You can even ask her if she could join your club for a day to talk about it and make an event out of the experience. I spent a majority of World Peace Day sitting at her booth learning, teaching, and helping her to make these paper cranes. It was a fun and calming experience and I recommend contacting Jacqueline for those willing to try. When she has reached her goal, the 1000 cranes will be made into a wreath and displayed in the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion as a physical symbol of peace. Please send Jacqueline messages of peace and even make your own to be added to this wonderful display on Martin Luther King Day. Spread the hope and truth these art pieces represent.