Funny Workout Shirts Part 4: Pop Culture Strikes Back

More pop culture! It’s something I honestly hadn’t seen on workout clothes before beginning this series, and that’s a shame. Combining fandoms and working out kind of bridges a gap, because there’s some conception of people who are interested in one not being the kind of people who would be interested in the other. Of course, we know that can’t be true; people are far more complex than that and can’t easily be divided into categories. It’s nice to see some recognition of that in these workout clothes.

Aaaaannd, that was a little more introspective than I was planning. Anyway, we’re here to look at funny workout clothes related to things in popular culture, and here they are! (This time, the seller’s website for all of these shirts is


Because as we all know, the dark side has cookies.


If she can lift a column, you can lift a dumbbell.


Just don’t start growing fangs.


They just don’t.


Maybe this one can be a self-fulfilling prophecy to get you through it.


No one wants to be that person.


As good an inspiration as any.


Has the added benefit of scaring away anyone who’s going to take the machine you want to use.


Definitely a difficult task, but worth it.


Now, I see you have stationary bikes, but do you have any stationary brooms?


Work out like it’ll break your curse.


A deadly attack.


Hey, at least there are leather jackets.


And a song to add to your workout mix.


I’m sure it’s forgivable to use it against a workout.


The gym? Now that’s a place I’ve not been in a long time. A long time.


And now we reach the unfortunate end of this series. I’ve definitely had a lot of fun “researching” these clothes, and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the creative designs and sayings that aim to make working out a little bit better. If you want, you can check out some of the sites yourself (or literally just Google “funny workout clothes”) and find even more. Happy exercising (nearly an oxymoron, but whatever)!