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Craft Blog: DIY Flower Wall Décor


About the Project: I have seen variations of this type of wall décor with paper cranes (post coming soon!), fake flowers, origami flowers, etc. I stuck these flowers onto my wall last year and decided to switch things up and hang them. I love the way they turned out! They give a window or wall more pizzazz. This project is very simple and depending on how many strings you make, doesn’t take much time at all.


Materials Needed:

-Fake flowers with the stems cut off

-Fishing line


-Sewing needle

-Wall putty






1)      Measure out your fishing line. Always over-measure by a few inches because your line will get slightly shorter throughout the process. I liked how my lines hung unevenly so I didn’t keep the lengths consistent, but it’s all up to you!


2)      String the fishing line onto the needle. Leave about 5-6 inches hanging on one side. On the other end of the line, tie a triple or quadruple knot (big enough so it won’t slip through the flower fabric).




3)      String the line up from the bottom of the flower to the top side. Loop and pull the string back down to the underside just a few centimeters away.



4)      Pull the string across the bottom of the flower to the opposite side. Do the same to this side—pull the line up to the top and back down. Doing this helps the flower stay flat along the string.



5)      Now you have one flower on the line. Measure out where you want the second flower to fall, and tie a triple/quadruple knot. This will stop the next flower from collapsing on top of the first flower. It doesn’t matter how far you separate yours; I just eyeballed it. Repeat the entire process (steps 3-4) until you finish stringing the flowers on the line. Tie a knot at the other end of the line, and cut off the loose ends.




6)      To hang your flowers up on a wall or window, take a small ball of wall putty and press it onto the flat surface. Push the top of the line into the putty. This usually doesn’t look pretty, so take another flower and press it into the putty to cover it up.



7)      There you go! Keep making as many lines as you like. The types and colors of the flowers you use, the length of the strings, and the evenness is all up to you, so go wild! I guarantee it will spice up any wall or window instantly. Enjoy!