Blazing Summer, Cold Coffee…

It’s hard to believe that summer is far behind us with the warm week had in Pittsburgh. What’s harder to believe is that it is already time to prepare for next summer! Recruiting season has picked up full speed, sending most of us into frenzy.

While the company and type of internship are highly important, location can make or break your internship experience. So when the offers start rolling in and a decision needs to be made, there are a few questions you should ask yourself if you choose to take an internship in a large city.

1. Do I want an upbeat and bustling atmosphere or a calmer urban atmosphere?

2. How high of a budget do I have for my living expenses?

3. What does the city have to offer for me outside my apartment and office? Festivals? Museums? Nightlife? Cultural events?

4. Does this city inspire me? Will I leave the city and internship experience a changed person? How can this summer help me mature and grow?

5. Is there good coffee for me in to grab before work each morning?

With that in mind, there are many different cities that you can choose from!

New York, NY

Ahh, New York. It’s a concrete jungle for sure! If you want an experience that tests your stamina and gives you nonstop adrenaline, this is your place to be. Summer in New York is filled with indispensable experiences. From music festivals, to museums, to exploring the boroughs, to nightlife, to Broadway shows, New York is not boring. However, this city tires you out instantly. It’s not easy to find a quiet and peaceful corner for yourself. While coffee shops at odd hours are always a great place to go to for some “me time,” you will need to get used to falling asleep to the loud sounds of civilization right outside your window. Nonetheless, this city is an incredible place to lose yourself and find yourself in. It is the best place to feel very independent.

San Francisco/Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA

This area is the heart of technology. If you’re looking to go into tech, there is no better place for you to choose. Silicon Valley has it all. You have the beautiful busy but serene and friendly city of San Francisco at the heart of the area with peaceful suburban areas around it. On weekends, a trip into town to visit the Alcatraz or take photos on the Golden Gate Bridge can fill your Facebook albums with beautiful memories. If you’re looking for a more low-key but cultural experience, this area is suitable for you!

Washington, D.C.

Calling all future Congressmen and Presidents! Washington, D.C. is a beautiful place to spend your summer regardless of your career choice. The warm air, all-American scenery, and diversity of neighborhoods provide a homey but urban experience. You can spend nights in after work on your couch in a calm area of town or out and about on streets with cute bars and restaurants. Museums and old-fashioned streets line the city for you to peruse through on weekends. Coffee shops provide a perfect place to catch up on reading or emails. If you are looking for a warm and mellow urban experience, D.C. is a great location to look into.

Seattle, WA

No, it is not always raining. No, it is not cold. In fact, Seattle may have the perfect temperatures year round. Not only are there great technology opportunities, there are hundreds of world-class restaurants and renown coffee in the city. Seattle also has great nightlife and intern population. It is modern and the perfect mix between bustling and calm.

The list is extensive. Cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Boston are other incredible places to look into. While each city is unique in personality, every city has something to offer you. So if you end up somewhere that is not necessarily your first pick, still make the most out of it. There is something for everyone in every corner of the country.

Happy hunting, Lady Tartans! May the odds of getting an offer be ever in your favor ;).