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The 7 Stages of Your Spring Break Diet

Spring Break is the one time of year when suddenly everyone and their mother care about losing weight. Even the most self-assured, easy-going girls are suddenly on juice fasts, and so of course you’re going to join the movement. Plus, you’ve been meaning to get #healthy anyway. How hard can it be?

Stage 1: Feeling motivated

Day one of your diet starts out strong. You buy tons of fruits and veggies at the grocery store and fix a healthy dinner after Googling “superfoods”. You’re ready to rock this diet.

Stage 2: Experiencing a few minor setbacks

Okay, so you were a little short on time a couple nights this week and had to make Ramen or pick up something quick rather than cook healthy things. No big deal, you’re still eating way better than usual!

Stage 3: Temptation arises

Certain situations you just can’t pass up. When your TA brings pizza to the midterm review session, you’re not *not* going to have a slice….

Stage 4: Panic and rededication

You realize there’s only a couple weeks left before the big trip, so you whip yourself back into shape! Carrots and lettuce! Small portions! Lots of water! You can still do this!

Stage 5: Experiencing a few major setbacks

And then the weekend came… You didn’t mean to eat a burger and Doritos and popcorn and a whole package of Oreos after your night out, but eat them you did. And then the next morning you figured the weekend was already a bust so you had pancakes and eggs and bacon and toast with jam at brunch. Things happen.

Stage 6: The final stretch

Only one week to go! You keep telling everyone you’re eating “only vegetables,” but if you’re honest you bought some chips at the library. You’re really sort of over this whole diet thing by this point.

Stage 7: The actual trip

When the time finally comes for you to lie on the beach, you’re feeling way too relaxed to worry about how flat your belly looks. Besides, everyone else is too drunk to care either. Plus, the unlimited food at your all-inclusive resort would have undone any progress you actually managed to make anyway. You can always start a Summer Break diet when you get back, right?

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